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About the Artist


Based in Montreal Quebec Canada.

With interests in art and music, Scott has developed a passion for photography that continues to evolve. He started by shooting photos of family members, friends and nature and based upon the results, then decided to study professional photography and has now mastered techniques that result in his own signature style.

For us, Portrait Photography is Fine Art. Inspired by Classic and Modern Painter Masters, we create our own modern style and look. We take pride in our ability to reveal and capture the beauty and character of each person.

Our goal is to give you an amazing experience and to provide you with the most beautiful priceless portraits possible that you and your family will cherish forever.


Deciding on a career in photography has been a rewarding choice for Scott and his clients.

Scott is also a musician (Performing Electric Guitarist, Songwriter/Composer, and Recording Engineer) and avid tennis player. 

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